Western Attorney Services will prepare fax filings for courts that have the capability to receive filings in this manner. Each county varies in acceptance of such filings. Please feel free to contact our offices for additional information.

In addition to checking on the completeness of your transmission, Western Attorney Services will prepare the necessary copies to provide your firm with a confirmed/endorsed copy as well as any courtesy copies to comply with local court rules.

Because the courts have varying closure times and vary in distance from our office in San Francisco, it is vital that you communicate with our office prior to sending your fax or email transmission. Local courts (in San Francisco) can afford a late afternoon filing, provided your document is not especially voluminous. Please contact our offices for specific cutoff times.

In addition to having the capability to advance filing fees, Western Attorney Services will also email back an endorsed face page of your document as well as make a confirmation call to your firm.

If you have any additional questions regarding this manner of court filing, please don't hesitate to call upon our knowledgeable staff. Assistance is but a telephone call away.